Richard Koloski

Richard Koloski is one of our 2 representatives on the IASF (International Airline Ski Federation), He has been working with Qantas since 2010.  Seven and half years at the jet base for Aircraft Appearance, he has just commenced a new role with Qantas as an International Flight Attendant.

Richard enjoys playing Soccer and Cricket but Skiing is his number one sport.  After joining Qantas, he quickly found the Ski Club as he loves to ski in different parts of the world.  Richard started skiing when he was 21 years young.  Since then, he has worked at Perisher for 9 years and in the USA for Sun Valley ski resort for 3 years.  He has also worked in Canada for a year in Vancouver so he has a wealth of international experience.

Richard says ... ”The first WASC I did was in Crested Butte and I enjoyed the event.  I have attended every IASF event from 2011 to 2016.  I put my hand up for the IASF position as I enjoy going to the events and I am able to help out with organising the trips.  Being in the representative position is a great way to do something for the club.  It's great to be able to ski around the world in places where I have not been before.  I have met some great people at the ski club who also love to ski and travel”.

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