Susi Bauer

Susi Bauer embodies the spirit of the IASF and the Qantas Ski Club. A diplomat when it comes to negotiating the best deal; a party animal when it comes to creating a big night out, Susi is the driving force behind some of the most memorable moments our club has enjoyed at the World Airline Ski Championships and the Qantas pre-WASC trips. From sourcing the best accommodation to designing most outrageous costumes, her sole focus is to ensure everyone – from die-hard powder hound to spa bunny – has a holiday to remember.

Her bilingual German/English heritage has helped secure fabulous accommodation deals in Germany and Austria . And her true Aussie personality has ensured that while we may not be the world’s best snow sports team, we’ve earned a solid reputation as the most fun to have around.

On the serious side Susi has been a ski club member for more than a decade and the IASF Director of Australia/New Zealand since 2008. She’s attended 90% of IASF meetings during her tenure and devoted hours and days of her time to get the best result for the Qantas Ski Club members at the World Airline Ski Championships and the pre-WASC trips.


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