2016 Committee

The committee listed below "formally stepped down" at the Annual General Meeting held on 19 May 2017 at the Occidental Hotel in Sydney to make way for the election of the new committee.

The Qantas Ski Club wishes to thank members of the outgoing committee for their valuable contribution and volunteer service - the club enjoyed another successful and social year under their leadership.

 Official  Name

 Contact Email

 President  Stephen Laws  contact Stephen
 Vice-President  John Mills  contact John
 Secretary  Helen Kiloh  contact Helen
 Treasurer  Christian Zuscak  contact Christian
 Public Officer  Peter Asplin  contact Peter
 Publicity Officer  Robert Rosenbaum  contact Robert
 Race Director  Peter Dooley  contact Peter
 Race Ski Captain  Peter Asplin   contact Peter
 Race Snowboard Captain   Greg Timbs  contact Greg
 Domestic Trip Coordinator  Ross Downes  contact Ross
 Website Coordinator  Simon Fernley-Jones  contact Simon
 Social Coordinator  John Scott  contact John
 Recruitment Coordinator  Michelle Blair  contact Michelle
 International Trip Coordinator  Robert Rosenbaum  contact Robert

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