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qantas ski club

The Serious Stuff.

I acknowledge:

  1. I will attend any ski club event entirely at my own risk;
  2. I am over 18 years of age;
  3. Skiing / Snowboarding can be a dangerous sport;
  4. The Club recommends the use of helmets while skiing/boarding;
  5. The Club requires the use of helmets while participating in racing;
  6. Appropriate insurances are my personal responsibility;
  7. The QANTAS Ski Club is exempt from any claims arising however caused;
  8. Every attempt will be made to meet package itinerary as requested;
  9. Changes may be effected without notice or compensation;
  10. I am aware of the booking cancellation policy;
  11. I will abide by the QANTAS Ski Club Code of Conduct;
  12. Personal information about any person on Ski Club events will remain confidential. 
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