Qantas Snow Team Jackets

  • 05 Jul 2020
  • 30 Jul 2020
  • Sydney
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Qantas Snow Team Jackets

The Qantas Ski Club has organised Qantas Snow Team villagewear jackets for the international and domestic trips to make our team really stand out. The jackets are custom made from Australian manufacturer ISC who provide uniforms to professional Australian sporting teams in the NRL and AFL. Jackets are wet weather certified and insulated for added warmth. They are also embroided with Qantas Snow Team; Qantas 100th Anniversary; and IASF logos.

Jackets are unisex and sizing is standard with a ‘one size down’ philosophy for women, ie women’s Medium equates to Small men’s. Sizing guide attached.

Pricing is $130 and priority will be given to members registered as attending the organised trips subject to size availability.

All other members can order with the intention to keep the price the same. We intend to order another batch for members attending the domestic ski week. (These will not arrive in time for this year’s O/S trips). So get in quick before your size is..... gone.

Jackets will be available for collection from Lorcan (0439408385) in Sydney or alternative delivery arrangements can be made.

ISC Sportswear

  • Please note Qantas Ski Club payment details: Payment through Qantas Ski Club QUDOS bank account is preferred. There are no Paypal options available.

    • BSB = 704 865 Account 02327468   Account Name:  QF_(note the '_' is a space not an underscore)  Ref: Jacket/Surname
    • After you have made the payment send an email to with a screenshot of your payment so it can be manually processed and your payment recorded.
    • Prices potentially subject to change with fluctuations in exchange rate.

Please note: logos appear smaller and slightly further from the centre zip in the images than on the actual jackets due to a limitation in the 3D imaging program. 

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